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Today, the excessively volatile market is pushing companies to constantly reinvent themselves.

Morgan Philips Interim Management answers to this need for responsiveness and flexibility by allowing companies to get the best talents when they need them and only when they need them!


You want to reshape the organization of your teams, redesign your business model or set up new management practices?

Trusting an interim manager who has significant experience in managing these adjustments is an opportunity to make this change with efficiency, and serenely.


Identified a long-standing gap in your recruitment, but have very little time to fill it?

Our consultants have access to the tools needed to ensure they find the right candidate, who is immediately availability and open to the idea of a permanent contract and all in record time! Our methods are quite unlike those of classic headhunting.

Our international research centres can identify candidates with a high level of accuracy, meaning we can concentrate our efforts on those with immediate availability.


A crisis doesn’t have to be a negative.

Whether it’s a matter of handling strike action, trade union job plan negotiation or even supporting the rapid growth of a start-up, only the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals have what it takes to oversee successful change management. Surrounding yourself with experts would seem to be the first thing to do when a crisis hits.


When new activities are being developed within your company :
the opening of a new site (subsidiary, factory), new product development, ambitious project launches, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation…

You need the most talented experts, but only for a few months. Interim Management offers access to the skills required to reach your goals and all within a set period of time!


There are numerous situations which might lead to the impromptu replacement of an executive : flawed recruitment, maternity leave, a sudden departure, termination of probationary period…

When a key position becomes vacant the resulting search can be overly long and drawn out. Opting for Interim Management ensures that a position is immediately filled by a highly qualified expert and enables you to recruit successfully and with total peace of mind.


Interim Management time sharing

With your company doing well do you wish to take things to the next level ?

Interim managers also provide consultancy services. In order to offer you expert support at a reduced cost, you can opt to receive these on a “time-share” basis. The ideal way to breathe new life into your projects!


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