In France, as elsewhere, the labour market is undergoing profound change… Which is illustrated by the existence of the interim managers. These genuine leaders embody expertise and flexibility. How, why, for who, how many… find out more about all aspects of this “job” which is being taken up more and more commonly by French executive leaders.


Interim Management: a definition

Interim Management consists of the highly strategic assignments assigned to executive leaders for a set period of time. Offering more commitment than a simple external service provider and not as binding as a permanent contract, Interim Management draws on a pool of highly experienced candidates with managerial experience in key positions at large international groups.

Widely recognised in northern European countries, Interim Management is gaining popularity throughout France, as much among companies as candidates.
It caters perfectly to companies seeking responsiveness and flexibility, but also the goals of managers who are nearing the end of their careers but remain eager to share their experience and take on new challenges.



“In 2017, the view of Interim Management in France changed completely. Nowadays, leaders are choosing to become interim managers towards the ends of their careers. They crave the flexibility, but also the adrenaline of the requirements and challenges involved in joining companies, with no safety net or preparation time!”, Xavier Bezio, associate at Morgan Philips.



Interim Management: how does it work?

Companies call on a interim manager in what are thought of as “exceptional” situations, such as:


Emergencies : the impromptu replacement of a member of staff following an unforeseen departure.


Crises : following the closure of a department or factory or to assist a struggling subsidiary.


Transformations : for successful change within a company, a merger, acquisition or even the development of a new product.


Companies generally call on firms specialising in Interim Management and urgent recruitment in order to find the right candidate. Once recruited (on a fixed term, umbrella company or even permanent contract), the candidate undertakes an assignment of 3 to 12 months (on average) within the organisation. He or she can then, in time, offer advice on the recruitment of a successor.



Interim Management : the most sought-after candidates

In France, the average age of interim managers is 55.
The most highly sought-after individuals are executive leaders in the fields of HR, industrial production, logistics, purchasing and finance. Those being key, strategic roles which cannot be left vacant for long.

Nowadays, interim managers are employed in all sectors, with a marked tendency emerging in industry.

Regarding salary, in 9 months an interim managers earns what he or she would have otherwise earned in a year. This more generous level of remuneration is explained by the demands and level of involvement required by an Interim Management assignment. Furthermore, interim managers allow themselves a few weeks off before taking on new assignments. An essential break for recharging the batteries and preparing for a new set of challenges!


The qualities of a interim managers

> Responsiveness
> Flexibility
> Professionalism
> Leadership



Morgan Philips : the leading firm for all your Interim Management assignments

At Morgan Philips Interim Management, we have implemented a set of tools and optimised processes to ensure the success of every Interim Management assignment.


For companies:

>  A global database  containing the profiles, aspirations, evaluations and availability of our interim managers. With our network of offices, now open in 22 countries, we not only have access to candidates based within France, but also international profiles who may be interested in working in France.

> Four research centres  made up of highly responsive “sourcers”, trained in the most advanced search techniques and with access to hundreds of databases (“resume databases” and Social Media).

> Le Club 5000, our community of experts who share their own network with us, affording us access to a vast range of candidates who may not necessarily be actively seeking work, and who therefore would not be identified with the use of traditional recruitment methods.

> A disruptive digital strategy through our consultants and interim managers’ accomplished use of video, and intensive communication over social media regarding Interim Management assignments.


For candidates:

> Expert advisers for your assignments.

> Contracts tailored to your assignment, offering an assured context.

> Contracts tailored to your assignment:: Fixed term, Permanent, Interim, Umbrella company, Mixed Permanent/ umbrella company.