Interim Management and Emergency Recruitment Specialist

Morgan Philips Interim Management - Les meilleurs managers

Exceptional circumstances call for exceptional managers

Morgan Philips Interim Management - Managers de transition

High speed recruitment: our top managers in under 48 hours

Morgan Philips Interim Management - Manager de transition

An "à la carte" selection of our top managers, with immediate
operational availability

Morgan Philips Interim Management - Temps de partage

Stop "buying" high level experts, rent their skills instead

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A few key figures

  • 98%of successful
  • 300assignments
    per year
  • 25%of international
  • 24 to 48hto present you a first candidate from our global network
Recruit our top managers right away for your strategic projects and urgent situations
Long or short-term assignments, interim, freelance or umbrella companies
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Our Expertise

Access to all candidates in the following areas of expertise: Industrial Operations - B2B Services - Procurement & Supply Chain - HR & Legal - Finance - IT & Digital - B2C Services - Public & Parapublic Services

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